esz AG received ÖKOPROFIT award

The calibration specialist from Eichenau was honored as ÖKOPROFIT company for its effort to improve operational environmental protection. esz board member Oliver Fleischmann and quality manager Christian Dinauer received the award from the hands of Augsburg district administrator Martin Sailer and mayor Kurt Gribl. The districts of Augsburg and Aichach-Friedberg together with the city of Augsburg are the promoters of the initiative.

Since 2018, esz AG has developed and implemented numerous improvements and approaches to environmental relief, cost reduction and legal certainty within the company. The overall balance of the companies registered for award is impressive. The participants of ÖKOPROIT were able to save around 32,500 euros in energy, waste and water costs. In particular, saving energy is of great importance to esz and the other companies and represents a high proportion of the total savings.


ÖKOPROFIT companies are known for their high commitment to corporate environmental protection. The actions far exceed the legally regulated minimum requirements in many areas. In order to maintain the ÖKOPROFIT standard, every company that aspires to receive an ÖKOPROFIT award must first undergo an examination in accordance with standardized criteria throughout Germany. These criteria have been developed by the city of Graz (Austria) and were adapted to German standards by the city of Munich. They guarantee a high standard of operational environmental protection.



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