Measurement results at a glance

Numbers, numbers, numbers. Until now, in order to read and interpret a calibration certificate, you had to fight your way through a veritable jungle of numbers. This will end on March 1, 2019. Because all calibration certificates from esz AG calibration & metrology will from then on contain, in addition to the number-based results, a line diagram that graphically displays the measurement results.

Deviation, uncertainty of measurement, intervention limit, and tolerance position are clearly combined in the diagram under the "Measuring Data" section and no longer need to be interpreted independently. Among other things, the linearity behavior of a measuring instrument and thus a necessary adjustment can be seen at a glance. Conformity assessments can be traced much more easily, as uncertainties of measurement are also shown in the diagram. Measuring data that are out of tolerance are additionally marked in red. The line diagram in the calibration certificate is free of charge for all esz customers. You can find out exactly what this looks like in the esz sample calibration certificate (DAkkS and ISO).


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