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esz AG assigns 500,000 device IDs

Today the laboratory staff of esz AG at the Eichenau site could announce a new record. The 500,000th device was calibrated and registered in the calibration expert software. The calibrated device is an internal testing device that we use to monitor the climate and environmental data of our laboratory in Berlin. Christoph Rosner, laboratory manager in the thermometry department, put the calibration mark 500000-1 on the device.



VUP-UK Calibration: Marc Renz new chairman

Our colleague Marc Renz is the new chairman of the "UK Calibration" in the German Association of Independent Testing Laboratories (VUP). He will continue to be assisted by Daniel Grimm as Vice Chairman. At the meeting in Braunschweig, guidelines were laid down for a powerful representation of interests, better information work and practice- and market-oriented networking of the calibration laboratories in the VUP. The membership base in this market segment is to be strengthened with concrete measures. For example, an independent "Calibration day" in the VUP was considered and a targeted information and service offer for the calibration laboratories in the VUP was discussed. In addition to the important topic of accreditation, overarching entrepreneurial future and trend topics are to be worked on and pursued in the interest of the calibration laboratories. At PTB, the VUP members gained insight into current metrological research and practical issues. At the host company Perschmann Calibration, questions of corporate and industry development as well as efficient and increasingly digitalized laboratory processes were at the forefront of the dedicated exchange of experiences.

Marc Renz has headed the Quality Management department at esz AG since 2015. In this function, Marc Renz is responsible for QM at all sites and coordinates the planning, implementation and monitoring of QM measures in the laboratories in cooperation with the QM representative there.

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esz AG and Sherpa reaffirm cooperation

esz AG and SHERPA have been working together successfully for several years. Now both companies have set the course for a continuation of the cooperation.



esz AG has become an Anritsu Certified Service Partner for Germany and Europe

esz AG has become an Anritsu Certified Service Partner for Germany and Europe Under this agreement, esz AG will perform DAkkS and ISO17025 calibrations of Anritsu systems in Germany and Europe. In addition, esz AG will also offer functional testing, maintenance, repair and recalibration services for this equipment in the future. Currently, the contract covers the following device types: Power Meteres & Sensors; Instacal & RF Components; Counter Modules; Signal Generators; Spectrum Analysers; OSA & OTDR; Vector Network Analysers; SiteMaster; and Short-Range Wireless Tester. The range of devices covered by esz AG is set to expand in the future.

Here you can find the complete press release:



esz AG offers new accredited calibrations

esz AG calibration & metrology is expanding its range of accredited calibrations. New in the portfolio are the mechanical measurands balancing scales and weights (mass) as well as the electrical measurands DC voltage ratio and electrical energy. The latter enables esz AG, currently the only calibration laboratory in Germany, to calibrate defibrillator testers. Please click here to read the complete press release.



Campaign week "esz bewegt sich 2.0"

Our campaign week "esz bewegt sich 2.0" was again a great success. The average donation amount per employee even increased significantly. At this point, a big thank you to all participants: Everyone of you achieved great results and thus raised a total of €1,657.50. To make it an even number, esz AG management rounded up the donation amount to € 2,000!

We support again a local organization this year and donate the whole amount to the Kranken- und Altenpflegeverein Eichenau e.V. The Verein zur Förderung von Kranken- & offener Seniorenarbeit e.V. (KAV) supports outpatient care and the senior citizens' meeting center in Eichenau. For the Caritas Center Fürstenfeldbruck, the KAV works as a support association in Eichenau.

To get an overview we have summarized the most important data:

Participants: 32
Donation amount: 1.657,50 €
Main sports: 1. jogging - 2. bicycle - 3. fitness workouts
Women: 8
Men: 24
Kilometers cycling: 229 km Kilometers running: 176 km Workouts: 6 hours

esz bewegt sich 2.0

We were especially pleased with the positive comments from the participants, which clearly show that we will start the action week "esz bewegt sich 3.0" next year:

"... I also have to get rid of the winter fat, here comes the proof for the good resolution

... I took advantage of the day off today and went jogging. Here comes my ode to the movement....... When the sun came out from behind the clouds, I couldn't wait any longer and got ready. My reward was powdery snow crunching under my shoes, a little contact with animals and people - I spotted deer in the field next door - and most importantly, peace and time to myself. At this point, many thanks to the company in general, time flexibility facilitates compatibility of family and work and allows to make the best of the current situation.

...Thank you very much for your commitment - great action. I look forward to the next time!!!

... Thank you for organizing the campaign!

... Thanks from my little running group, as the fundraising run has motivated a few to start again."



Article about new rules for test equipment in the automotive industry

An interesting article about newly developed calibration instructions in the automotive industry was published in the ATZ extra special issue. The technical director of esz AG, Philip Fleischmann is part of the responsible committee and was significantly involved in the development of the series of guidelines. You can read the complete article here



esz AG and Siglent Technologies cooperate

esz AG and Siglent Technologies cooperate

esz AG calibration & metrology and Siglent Technologies will work together in the field of accredited calibrations within Europe. Siglent Technologies has been using esz AG's calibration service for its new devices for a long time. Now the two companies want to work more closely together. In the future, esz AG will take over the accredited calibrations of Siglent Technologies measuring devices throughout Europe. The cooperation includes the calibration of new devices before delivery as well as the adjustment of existing devices if necessary. Read the full press release here.



Mega art event for the 45th birthday

esz AG celebrated its 45th birthday in June with a three-day art event. Together with the artist Phil Splash, known as the "Million Painter", the esz employees worked on a work of art. The result is a large-format painting that will adorn the company bistro in the future.

Creating something sustainable together and having fun at the same time. This was the idea for the 45th birthday of esz AG calibration & metrology. This resulted in an art event of a somewhat different kind. From June 21 to 23, the calibration laboratory invited all employees to become part of a large painting and to participate in its creation. In a specially created pop-up studio at the company's site in Eichenau, artist Phil Splash, known as the "Million Painter," drew portraits of the employees on canvas. Afterwards, those drawn took up a paintbrush themselves and painted their own portrait to suit their mood. In the end, over 80 individual, colorful pictures adorned the 4.5 square meter canvas. Phil Splash finally made sure that the many individual portraits came together to form a complete work of art. Read the full press release



esz assigns device ID 400.000

The laboratory employees of esz AG calibration & metrology were able to announce a new record at the end of 2020. In mid-December, the 400,000th device was registered with the calibration expert software. This time, the calibration was not carried out within one of the seven Europe-wide esz calibration laboratories, but by a customer in the authorized system of esz AG. Eike Schmitz, service technician at Trost WM SE, stuck the calibration mark with the number 400000-01 on an emissions test device in mid-December.