News starting 10/28/2019 to 7/12/2018


esz assigns device ID 300,000

esz AG registers the 300,000th device with its calibration expert calibration expert software.

October 17, 2019 seemed to be normal working day at esz. But then this one number did appear on a screen in the lab: 300,000 ... not Euro, but registered devices with the calibration expert software. At 10.14 a.m. the time had come: an esz measuring technician pasted the DAkkS test seal with the ID number 300.000-01 on a PXI vector signal analyzer of the company National Instruments. The module is thus the 300,000th device detected within the software calibration expert. The software application supports calibration technicians, engineers and metrologists in the calibration and creation, as well as the handling of calibration certificates.

"With the launch of calibration expert in 2009 esz AG calibration & metrology took a significant step towards process automation in the calibration laboratory. The laboratory management becomes considerably faster, easier and more efficient with the specially developed software solution, "explains esz board member Philip Fleischmann.

esz AG conducts around 60,000 calibrations annually. No wonder then that the PXI vector signal analyzer with the ID number 300,000 is already on its way back to its owner when writing this article. Philip Fleischmann looks ahead and promises: "The awarding of the esz-ID number 500,000 will then be celebrated all at esz."



esz AG received ÖKOPROFIT award

The calibration specialist from Eichenau was honored as ÖKOPROFIT company for its effort to improve operational environmental protection. esz board member Oliver Fleischmann and quality manager Christian Dinauer received the award from the hands of Augsburg district administrator Martin Sailer and mayor Kurt Gribl. The districts of Augsburg and Aichach-Friedberg together with the city of Augsburg are the promoters of the initiative.

Since 2018, esz AG has developed and implemented numerous improvements and approaches to environmental relief, cost reduction and legal certainty within the company. The overall balance of the companies registered for award is impressive. The participants of ÖKOPROIT were able to save around 32,500 euros in energy, waste and water costs. In particular, saving energy is of great importance to esz and the other companies and represents a high proportion of the total savings.


ÖKOPROFIT companies are known for their high commitment to corporate environmental protection. The actions far exceed the legally regulated minimum requirements in many areas. In order to maintain the ÖKOPROFIT standard, every company that aspires to receive an ÖKOPROFIT award must first undergo an examination in accordance with standardized criteria throughout Germany. These criteria have been developed by the city of Graz (Austria) and were adapted to German standards by the city of Munich. They guarantee a high standard of operational environmental protection.




esz AG presents Josephson quantum calibrator

After three years, the EURAMET project "QuADC - Waveform metrology based on spectrally pure Josephson Voltages" was successfully completed. Two specialists from esz AG calibration & metrology presented the world's only industrially used Josephson quantum calibrator at the National Physical Laboratory in London. In addition to the successful comparison measurements, a comprehensive impression and the innovative possibilities of the quantum calibrator were presented.

From 25 to 28 March 2019, esz AG carried out tests in the industrial environment, validated and evaluated them. The aim of the project was the further development of a user-friendly, industrially usable Josephson Arbitrary Waveform Synthesizer (JAWS) for the quantum accurate measurement of AC voltages up to 1000 V and 1 MHz. The PTB led the project which included an investment of two million euros. In addition to esz AG, two other private companies and the national metrology institutes of eleven European countries participated in the project.



esz AG is member of Familienpakt Bayern

esz AG calibration & technology has joined the Familienpakt Bayern. The calibration specialist from Eichenau commits itself to continue and develop its family-friendly personnel policy. Being able to combine family and work according to one's own ideas is a wish and a challenge for more and more employees. Therefore the Bavarian State Government founded the Familienpakt Bayern, together with the Bavarian economy (Bayerische Industrie- und Handelskammertag e.V., Vereinigung der Bayerischen Wirtschaft e.V., Bayerischer Handwerkstag e.V.). The purpose of the pact is to further improve the compatibility of family and work in Bavaria and to support employers in the implementation of family-conscious arrangements. This clearly positions companies as a family-friendly and attractive employer. Members of the Familienpakt Bayern receive ideas and new impulses to further improve the compatibility of family and work within the company.



Measurement results at a glance

Numbers, numbers, numbers. Until now, in order to read and interpret a calibration certificate, you had to fight your way through a veritable jungle of numbers. This will end on March 1, 2019. Because all calibration certificates from esz AG calibration & metrology will from then on contain, in addition to the number-based results, a line diagram that graphically displays the measurement results.

Deviation, uncertainty of measurement, intervention limit, and tolerance position are clearly combined in the diagram under the "Measuring Data" section and no longer need to be interpreted independently. Among other things, the linearity behavior of a measuring instrument and thus a necessary adjustment can be seen at a glance. Conformity assessments can be traced much more easily, as uncertainties of measurement are also shown in the diagram. Measuring data that are out of tolerance are additionally marked in red. The line diagram in the calibration certificate is free of charge for all esz customers. You can find out exactly what this looks like in the esz sample calibration certificate (DAkkS and ISO).



esz receives accreditation certificate for calibration of exhaust emissions measuring instruments

Shortly before the end of 2018, esz AG calibration & metrology guarantees the nationwide maintenance of exhaust emission testing. With the receipt of this important DAkkS-accreditation, the company in the west of Munich is further expanding its range of services and thus ensuring compliance with the new requirements in the automotive industry. The know-how gained from over 30,000 accredited calibrations already carried out on brake test stands and test devices for headlamp settings contributed significantly to this success. When it comes to exhaust emissions measuring instruments, the market leader also relies on its proven representative concept, which was launched in 2017 and which enables technicians from manufacturers, dealers and service companies to carry out accredited calibrations on behalf of esz AG. The network, which is homogeneously distributed throughout Germany, now comprises more than 170 companies and over 650 technicians.



More room for new challenges

We have moved – from Karlsruhe to Mannheim. For the new "South West" subsidiary of esz AG calibration & metrology, this means larger premises, faster logistics and a significantly expanded service portfolio.

After more than 12 years in the narrow inner city of Karlsruhe, the premises of the esz branch were closed and moved to Mannheim. The new location offers more space for new tasks and brings clear advantages:

  • easier and faster to reach by road and rail
  • sales base now with full-fledged calibration laboratory
  • up to ten service technicians on site
  • faster and more flexible order processing
  • closer connection to Logistik Expert

Mannheim offers a perfect connection to the national and European transport network and is situated in a perfect location between Frankfurt and Stuttgart. Many large industrial companies are located in this economic area.

The new premises offer additional space for a full-fledged calibration laboratory. DC/NF measurands can now be calibrated directly in Mannheim, a further expansion of the laboratory is planned in the next few months.

New contact details: esz calibration & metrology Donaustraße 68 68199 Mannheim, Germany

Telephone: +49-621-845882-0 Fax: +49-621-845882-66 Email:



Munich Calibration Day 2018 - Putting an end to half-knowledge

“Half-knowledge is worse than ignorance” (Klaus Klages, German philosopher). Especially when highest precision is required. The goal of the expert seminar, which esz AG calibration & metrology organized for the fourth time, was to put an end to the half-knowledge in the calibration industry. Under the title "Mastering the basics - standard-compliant calibration", five industry specialists provided practical tips and important basic knowledge on all aspects of calibrating pressure, humidity and particle measuring devices as well as on the subject of measurement uncertainty calculation and laboratory management. On day two, the participants were given an exclusive insight into the esz laboratory in Eichenau near Munich.

Munich Calibration Day 2018 took place on September 13 and 14 at the INFINITY Hotel & Conference Resort Munich. The approximately 65 participants from all over Germany – most of them responsible for test tools and quality management – assessed the event positively across the board.

Further information (in German language) can be found here.



esz AG participates in environmental project Ökoprofit

The subject of "environmental management" will become an integral part of the quality management system of esz AG in the future. For this purpose, an internal environmental officer has been appointed, who is the central contact person for questions, suggestions and measures within the company. First important action: esz AG participates in the state-sponsored environmental project "Ökoprofit". As part of the one-year environmental advisory program, the participating companies receive expert support in introducing an operational environmental management system. A systematic inventory is carried out and economically and ecologically sensible measures are identified. This lays the foundations for a continuous improvement process. esz AG has already implemented a number of measures. The energy supply at headquarters in Eichenau was converted to green gas, thus significantly reducing CO² emissions. Automatic paper towel dispensers in the rest rooms reduce paper waste and water savers in the faucets reduce water consumption.



esz AG honored with Bayerischer Gründerpreis (Bavarian Founders Award)

The “Bayerischer Gründerpreis” is the highest award given to companies in Bavaria for special and outstanding success in establishing and maintaining companies. esz AG calibration & metrology has now been ranked among the best three companies in the category "Succession" and was honored with this important certificate during a festive gala at the Nuremberg Convention Center.

The jury praised the calibration laboratory as a "pioneer of measurement technology". At esz, founder Siegfried Fleischmann initiated the generation change on a long-term basis, prepared it professionally and therefore the company succession ran smoothly and successfully. A result that founder and successors, however, do not claim for themselves alone: Since this needs the support of a strong team, a highly motivated workforce and responsible employees who not only in retrospect but also in the long term guarantee the fulfillment of the highest standards in this highly complex industry. The company's founder himself moved to the supervisory committee and is still firmly associated with the company as Chairman of the Supervisory Board.