esz assigns device ID 400.000
The laboratory employees of esz AG calibration & metrology were able to announce a new record at the end of 2020. In mid-December, the 400,000th device was registered with the calibration expert software. This time, the calibration was not carried out within one of the seven Europe-wide esz calibration laboratories, but by a customer in the authorized system of esz AG. Eike Schmitz, service technician at Trost WM SE, stuck the calibration mark with the number 400000-01 on an emissions test device in mid-December.
Change in the corporate management at esz AG
As from October 1, 2020, Daniel Herrmann will take over the management of the Sales and Marketing departments at esz AG. The Business Administration graduate succeeds Bodo Max Seewald as Director of Sales, Marketing & Emerging Markets. The long-standing executive will leave the company at his own request on September 30, 2020, to take on new tasks. Daniel Herrmann has been working in various positions at esz AG since 2012, most recently as sales manager for the German market, leading the office and field sales teams. In addition, the 35-year-old has been Bodo Seewald's deputy for several years now and is well prepared for future tasks. „Daniel Herrmann is a motivated and committed manager who knows the company, our customers and the market inside out and who has already made a big difference as sales manager for the German market over the years“, esz board member Oliver Fleischmann is convinced. „He already demonstrated in the past that he has a focused view on the complex structures of the market and is extremely customer-oriented. He can also rely on a strong team, as all divisions are well positioned“, complements esz board member Philip Fleischmann. „We are certain that under the leadership of Daniel Herrmann we will be able to continue our consistent success as Europe's largest independent calibration laboratory.“ Daniel Herrmann is ready for action: „The outstanding quality of esz AG's services, products and quality standards offer an enormous potential for further growth: We would like to significantly increase sales in the next years and are planning to open up further business areas with new laboratories in Germany, Eastern Europe and Italy.“ At the same time he thanks his management colleague for the cooperation: „Mr. Seewald always was a valued, cooperative and solution-oriented boss and colleague. I wish him nothing but the best for his future endeavors.“
First calibration laboratory with accreditation for transmission filters
esz AG calibration & metrology received accreditation for the calibration of transmission filters in the measured variables transmission, turbidity level and turbidity coefficient. These parameters are used in the calibration of turbidity filters. Turbidity filters serve as test equipment for the calibration of exhaust gas measuring devices that are used in the exhaust gas analysis of vehicles according to number 6.8.2 of Appendix VIIIa of the StVZO. The calibration specialist from Eichenau once again underlines its pioneering role, because esz AG is the first calibration laboratory in Germany to be accredited for transmission / turbidity filters in these parameters. The accredited calibrations for turbidity filters are now available.
esz AG receives accreditation for climate chambers
esz AG calibration & metrology is now accredited for the calibration of climate chambers for the measurands temperature and humidity. The official notification includes calibration in the esz laboratories and on-site. In March 2020, the DAkkS (German Accreditation Service GmbH) had completed and certified the accreditation process for esz AG to convert to the new laboratory standard DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018. The accreditation also included changes in the high-end area, for the use of the Josephson quantum calibrator, as well as for direct and alternating current strength and resistance. In addition, numerous changes and contradictions resulting from the 2017 re-accreditation process were resolved and corrected. Now esz AG calibration & metrology is accredited for the calibration of climate chambers. It took three years for esz AG to receive the DAkkS notification. Before that, numerous negotiations, mediations, comparative measurements and bureaucratic obstacles had to be taken. "We are delighted that Mr. Rosner and his thermometry team have consistently hung in there and convinced with competence and expertise," said esz board member Philip M. Fleischmann. The new DAkkS certificate and annex (list of services) can be found on the esz website at